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Delhi's huge Red Fort

Inside the Red Fort in Delhi

cycle rickshaw ride through delhi's back streets

Indias biggest Mosque - Jama Masjid

Raj Ghat, Cremation site of Matahma Ghandi

Humayans Tomb - the pre curser to the Taj Mahal

Cameron and the stunning tomb

The towering Qutub minar

Delhi's own L' Arc de Triumphe - India Gate

India - temples and sacred cows!!

Small children playing/fighting as we drove by!!

The one you've all been waiting for....

Nicky chills out at the Taj Mahal

Nicky caught this cool reflection in Camerons sun specs

He's not taking this seriously!

Its smaller than you think!!

The Taj Mahal as the light fades

Cameron and the pretty Fort gardens

Main building of the Agra Fort

Kings apartments at the Red Fort, Agra

Small boy plunges in to foul putrid water

Cameron outside one of the wives palaces

Nicky at the Red Fort in Agra

Look at me!!!!

The group at Agra's Red Fort

Small child, heavy pump!!

Monkey God statue

Rooftop dining at its finest at our Jaipur hotel

part of Jaipurs famous walled pink city

On Elephant back up to the Amber Fort

us with a fantastic gate behind

The cover shot of Lonely planet India!!

Look out below!! a room with a view

Stunning handiwork in the detail of the Fort

Inside a courtyard of the Fort

The Amber Fort from a distance

There is a palace, on a lake, in Jaipur! Why?

Cameron gets fitted up!!

Worlds biggest sundial, undergoing some renovation work!!

weird astronomical calculator

Guards at the Palace

Jaipurs Royal palace, still the residence of the local King

Monkeys at the Jaipur Palace

Street market in Jaipur

Snake charmer and his cobras puppets

Its a puppet!!

Chilling in the pool

Its just a jump to the left....

Donkey Kart

Camel kart

Driver, Busboy and our Guide

20 cycles, 20 men, several bags of grain - any more?

Corbett National Park

Samba deer in the river

us by River in the Corbett National Park

Nicky and our safari jeep, not much protection afforded from the wild animals

sharing the roads!!

after a hard day i like to take the weight off my feet

Samba Deer, missing one antler

yes the sun shines out of our ......heads!!!

leopard pawprint

peek a boo

Closest we got to a Tiger

Jungle chicken

Spotted Deer camouflaging well

You looking at me?

jackal sits and watches us watching him

Monkey Business

herd of Blue Vill Antelope

bee catcher birds

Spotted deer taking a drink

The Ganges River

Steady now...

Cameron "enjoys" his facial

Beautiful Lotus Temple

Spot where Indira Ghandi was assassinated in her own garden

Our little floating home

Us and our houseboat at the end of the trip

Our lovely crew on the houseboat

Eagle waiting for breakfast to swim by

eagle with freshly caught breakfast!

washing in private under the water!!

Which is best - you decide - Picture 1

Which is best- you decide - Picture 2

which is best - you decide - Number 3

Cameron in our living quarters afloat

The ruling party of Kerala are the Communists much to our suprise

learning to swim in the not so shallow end

Paddling through the water hyacinth of the Backwaters

Some workers have a more active role than others

View as we float along


Harvesting the rice paddies

Lunch - small feast for 2!!

The locals method of travelling

Houseboats on the lake

The Hammock where Nicky spent most of her time at Backwater Ripples resort

Feet up

View from shore of Backwater Ripples hotel

View back as we set off on sunset cruise

Cameron enjoys sunset

Sunset on the backwaters

Eagle soaring above us

It's a hard life....

Cameron gives a lesson in advanced photography

Locals planting in the tribal village

Up where we belong!

easy rider

easy does it!!

King of the jungle blows his own trumpet

get your trunk around that!

everybody smile please!!

ready.. aim...


Does anyone have a towel?

Is that the best you've got?

Cameron takes it like a man!?

After using the elephant en-suite

Cameron gets the hair sucked off his head!

Nicky and Jumbo

baby jumbo rests with his mum!!

Ox and cart in the streets of Kumily

It's a wild boar

Monkey Business


early morning mist on the Periyar lake cruise

garlanded with jasmine!!

Another amazing view on the road trip

Nicky and all that tea

Stunning view of the Tea plantations


Mattupetty Dam (well the lake above it!)

Tea plantations at Munnar

With James, Lu and Stacey at Talk of the Town

Chinese fishing nets at sunset over the Arabian Sea

Fishy business!

The only passengers!!

Is it a duck? is it a boat? or is it a Duck party boat!!

Special tea for Cameron

Players on the stage preparing

Making up is hard to do!

Kathikali dancers perform for us

Chinese fishing nets in Fort Cochin

Bondi under the thunder clouds

Door remained firmly closed to new applicants

Bondi in the sun (briefly)

The intrepid travellers at Bondi beach

Don't look at me, whats the woman behind up to?

3 Sisters during daylight hours, with their slap on!!

View from the cable car

Somewhere over the rainbow

Sing...Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree.....

Cameron and view out over Blue Mountains

Waterfalling all around me, children playing having fun!

Triple Trouble at the 3 Sisters by night

Two icons for the price of one!

Rolf never bothered with the paint

Top of bridge with climbers

Classic Opera House shot from the harbour bridge

harbour at night from the Opera House

Think of the wages bill for Jools

Jools Holland Esquire mid show

Poles respresent the thousands of volunteers at the Sydney Games

2000 Olympic Stadium

Opera House from the water

Cameron at Manly beach

The Bridge at night from the Sydney tower

Read the bushes...Why?


The harbour bridge as we saw it the first time and in the sun

Bridge climb - great view if you can see past our sexy suits!

Sydney from the air as we arrived

The Rock at sunset

Digeridoo player at Sounds of Silence Dinner

Billy Tea boiling in the rainforest

look closely - can you spot the croc?

very cute rescued Wallaby we got the chance to feed

Taste testing exotic fruits in the forest in the rain!!

Flying Fox bats on the Daintree River

There is supposed to be a stunning view behind him!!

Happy in the rain at Cape Tribulation

Cameron with dawn behind him

Our group exploring Uluru before we got stranded

with Chris and Emma, they travelled to Peru with Nicky in 2002

Our seats in the Clark stand, taken by a 7 year old budding photographer

Us at pole position on the grid where Lewis began his winning race

BMW car - not sure which driver!!

David Coulthard takes the scenic route!

kimi Raikkonen gets to grips with his Ferrari

Hamilton on practice runs

Army parachute display on qualifying day

F18 display, noisy but not as bad as the cars!!

Lewis celebrates his pole position lap

The V8 cars off on their race,

Lewis Hamilton is the pre race drivers parade

The Australian Roulettes perform in the skies above us

Qantas B747 does his stuff at low level over the GP circuit

Qantas flyby

Mark Webber on the first lap of the GP (his only one!!)

Nelson Piquet Jr retires his car in front of us

Hamiltons winning car resting up after the race

Why is the guy on the right cleaning his teeth?

Kiss concert at GP

Two Brits and a large lump of rock

Dawn approaches on the rock

Our first glimpse of the sunrise

Uluru in the morning light

Fantastic red colours


Ayres Rock

Nicky and Wally

Cameron relaxes aboard Avatar

Avatar, our trimaran with a seaplane and catamaran

7km of fine white sand - stunning

Cameron on Whitehaven beach

anyone got any dry clothes? totally soaked


What do you mean we look stupid!!

As many of the Avatar gang as could fit on the back deck

Happy swimmers

"Romance" stranded after the bad storms

Nicky and Kristy soak up some sunshine

Cameron and the Whitsundays

drying area on Avatar - except nothing ever did!!

stand up if you can!!

yes the sun did shine occasionally on the boat

Party time back on dry land

Us with Liz on the Avatar night out

The Tilt train on which we spent a total of 32 hours of our lives!!

little green parrotts on Cairns Esplanade

Don't we look good!!

Cameron wonders how to work this damm camera

lots of little fishes

Cameron and Wally

Where's Wally?

lightening quick little fishy

Nicky is hiding under all that mask and stuff

amazing colours and textures in the coral reef

Parrott fish

pretty black fish on some nice coral

stunning colours on this little beauty

Jelly fish looks lovely but stay away!

Big Black and ugly!!

Spot the nasty stingy jelly fish

Fantastic lily pad coral on the Great Barrier Reef

Cameron in the Goldala of the Kuranda Skyrail

Lovely butterfly having a break from fluttering about

Our best shot of the beautiful blue Ulyses butterflies

Look at the fantastic curled proboscus

Cameron attracts the ladies again

flutterby having a nice slurp of nectar

NOT as good as the Galapagos flycatcher and made a mess of the lens

Does that look like food down there to you?

some birds will do anything for food

Nicky and chums

Pretty polly

Who's a pretty boy then?

Ooooowwwww my ear!!!

Hmmm nice place for a nest i think

Bird world - the slightly terrifying Carrowary

Barren Falls in full flood

Long train round the bend!

Kuranda Scenic railway engine in its fancy livery

Sunset at Colonial Cabins YHA in Hervey Bay

Lake Birrabeen on Fraser Island - a perched lake

European Swim team at Lake Wabby on Fraser Island

Beautiful Lake Wabby

Scribbler tree (caused by a beetle's larvae chomping it's way around)

Pinnacle Sand formation and layering

5* tented accomodation

Group dinner at Cathedral Beach camp

Sea Eagles play fighting in the skies above our heads

75 mile beach - the Islands main multi-lane highway!

Sitting atop Indian Head

Maheno wreck on the beach/highway

Dingo that was stalking us

Say what you see - prize to 1st in guest book

Nicky paddling Eli Creek on Fraser Island

Our big green 4x4 tour bus

Strangler Vine takes out a local

Nicky in the Rainforest of Fraser Is

Cameron getting to grips with the Fraser Island locals


Twin Otter

Crazy, Nutty, Mad, Insane, Loony Queensland native


Green Tree Snakeio

Give a dog a bone - oh bugger - it's a cat

I'm still a pussycat when it comes to getting my milk

Evil Edna (the Emu)

If food doesn't come to you, hop up to the food

Nicky feeding her new found friends

a Tough Life for some

Happy Nelly


In the Crocoseum - would you change places with this fella?

Cameron feeding a very hungry elephant

Nicky feeding the STILL very hungry Elephant

Cute Tiger cub out for a stroll

Croc still can't get through Nicky's thick skull

Lurking and Waiting - our introduction to Australia Zoo

Brisbane City-scape from the City Cat with Paddle Steamers

Brisbane as seen from Mt Coot Cha

South Bank artifical beach in Brisbane

Brum ATC in Oz

Bob & Judy, generous hosts. Dorothy and Cameron parasites

Christchurch tram - which we took advantage of for photo and never bought a ticket

Antarctic Storm : minus 18 of wind chill. Brrr.

Nicky on a snow mobile in the Antarctic storm chamber

Little Blue Penguin/ Little White Girl staring competition

Our 'wheels' at the Antarctic Experience

Every Rock needs a hug

Cameron leaping off a Moereki Boulder

9.8 m/s/s

All over - now who has the confidence to smile at the camera


Swinging 120m below

The Moon - its upside down here

Little Blue Penguin at Christchurch Antarctic Centre

Nicky hugs a rock?

Cameron is on top of the world

No we didn't take our camper up it!! we walked

World steepest street - Baldwin Street Dunedin

P P Pick up a penguin

Token New Zealand sheep shot

With the vintage Cadbury Vehicles at Cadbury world Dunedin!

beer is a serious business

Speights new advertising campaign

Dunedin railway station, Southern hemisphere's second most photographed building!

Mmmmm Chocolate, Yum You can almost taste it!

At the top of the Gondola station

Nicky on the Luge run

Cameron "schumacher" Patterson takes the racing line

our little plane

More views from above

Simply stunning

Milford from the air, 2000 feet

On our plane ride back to Queenstown

Looking back at the Sound in lovely sunlight

Coral and fish at Milford Underwater Observatory

The Sound thats really a Fjord

Windy boat trip on Milford Sound

Nicky chills out in the Eglinton Valley

My lips are stuck to the glass

Minus 5 Vodka bar, with ice glasses!

Nicky looking out over Queenstown

back from the dead and safely at the top again!

Reflections on the water

Cameron just makes it in time for the photo

Lunch with a view on the road to Queenstown

Nicky at our highest point on the ice

making our way up the icy slope

Cameron on the glacier

Nicky makes her way up the ice

Looking back down from our icy perch

Our view of the Glacier from our bedroon (the camper!)

Gorgeous sunset at Franz Josef

Rainbow over Franz Josef NP

single track bridge for road and rail in either direction - spot a problem?

Our boat ride for the "Gold Rush" tour

Split Apple rock, Abel Tasman NP

Rainbows over Motueka

Picton Ferry from Wellington to South Island

Cameron after his spin cycle in the Zorb

Nicky at the bottom of the Zorb course

Group piccie in the cave enjoying their hot juice and choccy!

Cameron wearing his hat at a jaunty angle for the camera

Nicky descends into the 30m cave

Our little Camper van

And the rear of the van!!

Cameron and the other side of the camper at Breakfast

Nicky and weird sculpture, top of Mount Victoria

That damm ship again!! 3rd port we've met it now

The Beehive - NZ Parliament building

Happy Valentines Day - all the roses a girl could ever want!

Cannon and Observatory by Cable car, Wellington

Driving through the Hutt Valley - challenging roads

Picnic time!!

Huka river at full pelt down the narrow gorge

Bubbling mud pool

Maori stick dance in full flow

Curly at Curly's bar Waitomo

Kitted up and ready to head underground

Catching up with Warwick and Sue

Wellington from Mt Victoria view point

St Pauls Church Wellington

All tucked up for the night in our little home

Cameron at the listening and hearing sculpture!

Cameron takes aim over Wellington

Nicky at top of cable car overlooking Wellington

Wellington Cable Car

Cameron at Huka Falls

Chef cooks venison steak for our dinner

2 geysers blowing away

Cameron by the Prince of Wales Feathers Geyser

Puffer Fish action

Nicky at top of the SkyTower admiring the Auckland view

Turtle that we were NOT swimming with (boo!)

Gentoo Penguins at Kelly Tarlton's Aquarium in Auckland

Cameron and Ray

Nicky sizing up the shark steaks

Tahiti Viewpoint onto the black volcanic beaches and Papeete

SkyTower Auckland

Fergal Sharkey

Auckland Skyline from North head, Devonport

Watch out - man falling down at speed

Sky jump falling man

They promised the glass was stronger than the concrete

View from the Beach - such a frenetic pace there

Waterfall in Spring Gardens on our round the island tour

Jimmy Hills Chin

Tongariki - the return visit - better light showing off far more detail

Anekena beach - swim with Maoi watching over you

Nicky hugs Moai

Cameron at Ahu Akivi on Easter Island

Roulette Vans - multitudes of tastes and choice from one little take-away market

Cameron has found his new career - roving Microbrewery correspondant

View from the Pool - Tahiti

Cookie and the blow-hole

Dancing children at the Tapati festival on Easter Island

Cameron in a Lava Tunnel

sunlight makes a great shot

Big man little lady!!

Maoi at Rano Raroku Quarry

Cameron finds the water ´too cold´

Us at Tongariki

Nicky makes a splash

Maoi on beach at Anakena

Tornado! well ok it was a water spout (sea based version)

Cameron attempts to push over the huge statue

Maoi near and far away! note scary eyes of the far one

rock Petroglyphs on the island

Amazing lake in crater of Volcano Ranokau

Nicky about to get a soaking from a lovely rock swimming pool

Navel of the World - or so they say!

Ballet, Easter Island style

Cameron enjoys a sea view

no artificial colours or preservatives!!

Our first Maoi, by the village harbour

Maoi at the quarry where they were created..

Petroglyphs on rock by the beach!

15 Maoi at Tongariki, largest display on island

Moai at Tahai

Made it to the climbers refuge on Cotapaxi Volcano

Hot Chocolate after the scale to 4800m

Blue Footed Booby Mating Dance

The GAP Adventurer III

At the Centre of the World!

Galapagos Fly Catcher on Cameron's lens

Frigate Bird puffs up his pride

Hump Backed Whale cruising by

Sea Lion waving hello to our boat

Booby Diving for fish - ready for splashdown

Pelican in full flight

Evening dip off the boat

Sea Lions vs. Booby - can you guess who won?

Blue Footed Booby on the nest with it's clutch

Baby Frigate Bird - all fluffy and white


Galapagos penguins on guard

Marine Iguana colony on Lava Flow

Iguana with finch clearing parasites

Givuz a kiss


Classic Booby Shot

Land Iguana in the wild on Santiago Island

Crabs on Santa Cruz Island

Land Iguana at Charles Darwin Research Station

On the Equator Line

Changing of the Guard, overseen by the Ecuadorian President on the balcony

All you can eat (AND DRINK!) - for only a fiver - we love Ecuador!


Turtles in Black Turtle Cove mangrove lagoon

Blue Footed Boobie cocktails

Last Night Group picture on GAP adventurer III

Ivan giving us our evening briefing

Sunset from the deck (and bananas)

Life Aboard GAP Adventurer III

Marine Iguana Party

Galapagos Penguin on Brown Beach

Vista from top of Bartelome Island

Volcano crater - one of 7 submerged around Bartolome Is.

Sunset from our boat

Cameron with Sea Lions and Marine Iguanas

Nicky on James Bay beach with new friend

Elegantly stepping down from the Zodiac on a Wet Landing

Rescuing Turtle marooned on Rocks at low tide

Cameron with Gianter Tortoise

Nicky with Giant Tortoise

Cameron Balancing an Egg on a Nail

Tequilla Shots in Antigua

Cameron at Tikal

and unrestored!!

restored ruin at Tikal

Tucan at Tikal

Jose our Guide on the trip

just to show we stopped somewhere in Belize!

arrival in Belize for our brief transit through the country


home sweet home!

yes there were loads of the little buggers!!


Nicky by the Lagoon at Bacalar

So thats why it rained!

Tulum Mayan ruins

It rained in Mexico, how rude!

Carribean Cameron!

coconut on the beach

Good Morning World!!

Hey i´m in the Carribean!!

Main temple at Chichen Itza (Chicken Pizza)!

Iguana at Uxmal

Cameron and his shadow!

Us at Uxmal overlooking the ruins

Magicians Pyramid at Uxmal

arrival on the Isle of Flores

view from our window!

look at me!!

Carribean Sunset

Cenote, underground swimming pool!

Ahh young love!

Pina Colada and a Witches Fart!

Cameron in the cenote

Nicky in the Cenote

ready to go

Group going cave snorkelling

Viva Mexico!!

Mexican Gulf

Cameron at Palenque

palenque again

Palenque Ruins

small boy kissing a leaf


Tomb of Mayan ruler with jade mask

Exodus group shot

Campeche Fountains

Central square in Campeche

The Mexican Gulf

home in the jungle

Agua Azul


our new friends

Market San Juan de Chamula

town square San Cristiobal

welcome to Mexico

Quiet moment sitting by the lake

Lake view

Young laddie getting some fish for his tea

Not local chick

Local chick on shore of lake

Coffee Beans drying in the sun - before roasting

Closer view of the Volcano from our speedboat approaching at about 60knots

3 volcano action

Nicky by lake Atitlan and 1st volcano view of trip

Lake Atitlan a la Ullswater

Antiguan Street that Nicky liked

Market in Antugua

central plaza Antigua