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Mum and Dad
Your Dad liked Picture 2 as did Rhonda when she looked at it. I preferred Picture 1.
Pete S
Hi guys, really enjoyed reading about your Indian exploits. And thanks for the postcard!
Mum & Dad
Hip Hip Hooray - the long awaited postcard from the Galapagos Islands has arrived sometime when we were away - not too bad has only taken from 24th Jan till say 10th April to arrive - think it must have come by tortoise mail. This must surely be about the last postcard to arrive. cannot be any more now. Make the most of your last few days.
Has to be picture 2 for me.

Will have to go out for some 'tea' when you get back. Not long to go now. Glad your still having a great time.

Mum and Dad
Hi Just to let you know we are off on holiday now - bet you are really envious of us - we are off to the sun - no more sitting at home saying wish it were us in the sun - enjoy the rest of India - take care with the tigers and speak to you soon
Mum & Dad
Heh Cam, this is going way too quickly.
You'll need to go round again m8!
Looking forward to reading about India when you get there.
You'll be glad to know your callmanager's running a radius server :-)
Told you this voip stuff'll never catch on anyway.
Stay cool, Andy...
The Gap & Co.
Glad you caught some rays, but if you will travel during the wet......
Well you seem to like it in God's own hemisphere. Looking forward to you emigrating. Go safely.
Diane [big sis]
Hello we back on line. you,s havin a grand time. Enjoy. Speak to you soon love you lots xxxxxx
We'll be up for the GP too - will watch & wave!!
Loving the latest instalment - not jealous at all!!
Tommy B says thanks for the postcard!!
Andy and Kate
I'll be up at stupid o'clock watching the GP, so I'll keep an eye out for someone covered in butterflies.

Stories and photos are good - shame about the weather though. Although, on your photos, it still looks amazing. If it makes you feel better... Barren Falls look amazing with all that water going over! It was just a trickle when we were there.

Can't believe you have a picture with Wally!! We went to the same reef. He must be getting on a bit now.

What's the plan after Melbourne? Are you going to Sydney via Uluru?

Enjoy the GP!! Not sure if it is the case, but if the Aussie V8s are there as a support race, I recommend watching them. It's like BTCC - but better.
Neil Craig (Edinburgh)

Hi Cameron / Nicky,

Your postcard from Easter Island arrived in Edinburgh today! Never complain about Royal Mail again!

Looks like you having a most excellent time - some nice 'snaps'.

Enjoy the GP next weekend.

Bugger.....just to late to stake my claim on the prize!! ;o)
Andy and Kate
More good stuff guys!! Glad you liked Colonial YHA - when we stayed there, it was out of season, and I think we won every game going - didn't buy a drink all night!

Love the photos too (and the captions). I knew i should have copyrighted writing in the sand photos!

If you are off to Airlie Beach, it must be Whitsunday sailing time next - guys, as long as you get the right weather, you are in for a treat.

BTW - after your SMS, I looked in my diary - our Fraser Island guide was called Keiran, although we did bump into other Fraser Island Tour Company trucks at the various attractions, so may have met your guide.

Looking forward to the next installment.

Kath and John
Looks like you are having a great time - dead jealous!
Take care
Kath and John
Andy and Kate
Hey guys,

You got on the Franz Jozef glacier - lucky sods. We were rained off when we tried.

Been great reading about your trip - there is definitely some familiarity about it! :o)

Going to have a look at your pictures now...

Keep up the good work.

Did you survive to tell the tale?!
quite inspiring
Adam & Jane
Hi guys! Thanks for the postcard, as if we weren't jealous enough already, grr...

Keep up the good work

A&J x
Amanda and Stefan
P.S. Where's our exotic postcard?! x
Amanda and Stefan
Oh my god - when do you sleep! Cant believe you have done so much! Love the camper van - snug is def the word!!
Where do you plug your hair dryer in?!

Lots of love,
Us xx

Beth and Mark
Hi Cam and Nicky,
Have just looked at all your photos and it looks like you are having a fabulous time. We are both smiling thinking about all the good times you have had so far. You both looked relaxed, although it is good to see that Cameron is still proudly showing off his white skin to the world. Only joking I can definitely see the blue turning brown.
Look forward to hearing about more adventures soon. We will try not to be too jealous
Love Beth and Mark
Karen Brennan
Hi Guys!!
Loving the 'story so far'!!! Especially impressed with the camper van - its just so you!!! Mr B recognised some of the sights in this instalment & is very jealous!!
Have lots more fun & we'll be in touch again before the Grand Prix season starts!!!
Love K, M & T xxx
Megan Cronin-Buckley
hey nicky hows it coming along everyone at guides is missing you please come and visit soon

from megan
Andy and Kate
Good work guys - and thanks for the postcard. Never had a postcard from such an exotic place!

Your last few blog entries bring back memories our our trip in NZ. We did the Black Abyss trip too, and I thought it was the best activity we did on the entire tour.

Hope the weather is kind to you on the South Island, because it truly is stunning there. Milford Sound is unbelievable (especially when it rains), and I hope you get to go on one of the glaciers.

Loving the journal anyway, always a good read.

We moved into the house now, all going well. Got SKY+ sorted, so I can get my fix of rugby league :o) Looking forward to having you over when you get back.

I'll eMail soon.

Jenni ( Beverley , Your Cousins Daughter)
Hello Nicky
Its Jenni Beverley's daughter . My Nanna gave me the lettter to have a look at so i thought i would have a look at you " World Journal ."
I had no idea you were traveling the world and you've done loads already! Hope your having a good time and i hope to see you when you get back seeing as i havent seen you since forever ago !

Loving your updates guys - another who's not the least bit jealous....! (particularly after spending the week with whiplash after falling of my beloved horse!!). Looking forward to the next instalments.

Al x
WOW, you've done so much already!

Really enjoying the news and photos - especially the fab wildlife and waterside ones. Loved the mayan temples too but not enough shots of handsome men yet - maybe you'll find a surfer or two in NZ and Aus though...please?! ;~)

Keep on enjoying it all to the full you lovely travellers and take care,

Many thanks to the Tahiti two! :o)
Was a lovely surprise when i got home from work.....will save the jelly beans for my recovery! Looking forward to the next update. Take care xx
Hi, glad all is going well,sounds great fun so far,not jealous at all,nope,not even a bit..
Hello, Keep sending the pictures - really enjoying them. Postcard arrived few days ago...
Glad you're having such a great time..
Speak soon
Lots of love
Dad and Mum xxxxxx
Your holiday is sounding fantastic, I'm not jealous, honest, no really I'm not.

Keep doing the photos, can't wait to see your camper van adventures.
Hi there,

Fabulous photos, enjoyed reading about your exploits. Looking forward to reading about Tahiti.

Andy & Sophie
Sounds like you're having fun.

Keep it up!
Hello there,

Thank you muchly for your birthday message.... Sounds like an amazing time, loved what you got up to in the Galapagos. Really enjoying all of your pics. Speak again soon,
Huge loves to you both xxxxxxxxx
David & Carolyn
Hey what's happened?
Its a week since we all left Guatamala and you haven't updated.
Has Cameron lost his camera again ?
or hasn't the internet reached Galapagos?

waiting to hear
Hi Nicky and Cameron

Enjoyed reading about your trip so far.

Look forward to reading about your new adventures
Ok - so it's taken me 17 days but I've finally gotten round to seeing where you are and I could have sworn you told me you were going to Butlins!!

Looks like your having a fab time, keep the news and photo's coming and I'll try not to leave it so long before logging on again!

Loads of love

Sam, Nicola and Jack xxx
peter slovakia
hey! cool pictures !!!!! :)
4 scary guides

Looks like your having a great time.
We will carry on watching you, so you will never get rid of us!

Love Emma,Rach, Molly and Clara xx
Am so jealous, love reading what your up too! Have fun. Love Gill
Andrew (and kate)
My second entry on the guest book - you'll be thinking I'm a stalker! (pun intended).

Loving the story so far, great reading. Sounds like you're having a great time. Didn't realise you were on an Exodus trip, although I'm sure you told me.

You're gonna love the Galapagos - it's one of the things I regret not doing when I was in Quito.

The Photos are very good too. It is compulsory to take Jetty and Shadow photos isn't it!

No news from us - house sale still hasn't gone through, was hoping to move in by end of Jan, not looking likely now. Hopefully we will be in by the time you get back!

Anyway, take care and enjoy the next part of the trip.

Andrew (and Kate)

(p.s. - it has rained everyday since you left!)
Mrs B
When Air Traffic Control is mentioned, why is the first reponse always about the stressful nature of the job, and the second an enquiry or mention of Bunny Gunsen?

Mrs. B.
The Smith Clan
Hi Nicky and Cameron!! :D
Sounds like you're having a great time!
We are very jealous of you!!
Have fun where you go next (I think it's the Galapagos islands!)
Love The Smiths!! :)
Hi Cam and Nicky,

I see you are having a great trip. Nice to read about your adventures and see some piccies (promoting Mexico I see (Viva Mexico) hehe). Keep up the good spirit and keep the updates flowing ;-)
Take care!

Greetings from chilly Denmark (no warm rain here), Line, Jelle + Freja
Soory wasn't at home for your first call!! You are having a great adventure, very jealous. Enjoy..

Love Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxx
Susanna & Paul
Really enjoying your journal and all the lovely pics and trying not to be too jealous. Keep enjoying yourselves x x x
Maw & Paw
Enjoying your diary and the photos are fantastic - cant wait for next episode - The Broons will be waiting for you when you get back Keep on enjoying yourselves and take care
Richard Walker
Glad to hear it's all going well and look forward to reading the next installments of your journey.

Nikki, Barry & Gracie
Shock horror I am actually using the Internet for once!!
Am loving raeding about your adventures.
Take care and have lots of fun
All our love
Nobby, Mrs Nobby and baby Nobby
Hi Guys,

Looks like your already having a fantastic time. Keep the pics coming, especially the ones with blue sky and sunshine. Could really do with some of that right now back home in blighty.

Andy, Alison + Katie
nicki,steve,kitts and arch
Bringing back memories of times gone by. Look out for the local women who spit fruit pips all over you on the busses! Get used to re-fried black beans - they are all you will be getting and you will be pining for M&S food!! xxx
Jane and Adam
Hi there

Have just been reading your journal sat at home watching the rain pouring down in lovely blighty! Wish I was there!!
Sounds like you're having an amazing experience already.
Take care, we'll be reading your journal to keep updated.
Lots of love jane xx
Hello Monkies!!

Good to hear all is well so far and you are skillfully surviving fire-crackers and earthquakes - check you out!!
All good here. Hope the ole text has stopped delivering by now - will use this from now on!!

Big hugs
Love Me xxxxxxxx
Hi Nicky and Cameron,
Wow, you've got photos and everything after just 3 days! I am impressed. Enjoy the next 3 months! it will be amazing.

Amanda and Stefan

Loving the pics. Keep them coming!

Have fun,

A + S
Mr H. Pot
Good luck guys. Hope my Aussie itinerary works out for you. If it doesn't, blame Kate :o)

Looking forward to the photos and updates.. you're going to a few places I haven't been to, so would like to hear what they are like.

Have fun.

Andy & Kate

Hope you've arrived safely and are already sampling the joys the world has to offer.

Looking forward to the next installment of what Cameron has forgotten to pack! ;o)

Take care,
Peter G - SK
hi, wish you safe journey and lot of fun :)
Rob F
Bon Voyage!

Happy New Year to you both! All the best for 2008 and your hols! Have a fab time out there!

Lindsey Paradine
Nicky... If I'd known that "Survive the Savage Sea" was going to have this effect on you I'd never have lent it to you! Steer clear of Orcas and turtle meat on your travels and I would suggest something bigger than an inflatable boat with a hole in it... best add a reverse osmosis water purifier to your list, just in case! Best love, I am green with envy, Linz x
i Have an exotic week in Normandy laying floor tiles coming you're jealous! Have fun
Karen, Martin & Thomas
Carpe Diem!!! Have a great time - we'll follow your adventures and dream!! Stay safe and see you on your return!
Love & sloppy kisses, K, M & T xxx
Hi Guys,

Have a top time travelling the world. How jealous am I :)

Have a great trip--enjoy every minute

Look forward to all the "diaries" & photos

Look after each other

Tommy Vance
Hi there,

Bet you didn't expect to hear from me.
Gillette, the best a man can get.
Eat gravel rather than muesli for breakfast - that's my tip for getting voice over work.

Spectacular. Have a great time. I'll be watching.