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Bondi under the thunder clouds Frisbee postponed 23      
Door remained firmly closed to new applicants 30      
Bondi in the sun (briefly) 25      
The intrepid travellers at Bondi beach 29      
Don't look at me, whats the woman behind up to? 28      
3 Sisters during daylight hours, with their slap on!! 28      
View from the cable car 30      
Somewhere over the rainbow 44      
Sing...Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree..... 32      
Cameron and view out over Blue Mountains Note the BLUE HUE 33      
Waterfalling all around me, children playing having fun! 67      
Triple Trouble at the 3 Sisters by night 16      
Two icons for the price of one! 40      
Rolf never bothered with the paint 61      
Top of bridge with climbers 54      
Classic Opera House shot from the harbour bridge 35      
harbour at night from the Opera House 47      
Think of the wages bill for Jools 52      
Jools Holland Esquire mid show 38      
Poles respresent the thousands of volunteers at the Sydney Games 39      
2000 Olympic Stadium Now named the ANZ stadium, dully 44      
Opera House from the water 28      
Cameron at Manly beach 23      
The Bridge at night from the Sydney tower 35      
Read the bushes...Why? 32      
batfink! 45      
The harbour bridge as we saw it the first time and in the sun 43      
Bridge climb - great view if you can see past our sexy suits! 49      
Sydney from the air as we arrived 30