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Sunset at Colonial Cabins YHA in Hervey Bay

Lake Birrabeen on Fraser Island - a perched lake

European Swim team at Lake Wabby on Fraser Island

Beautiful Lake Wabby

Scribbler tree (caused by a beetle's larvae chomping it's way around)

Pinnacle Sand formation and layering

5* tented accomodation

Group dinner at Cathedral Beach camp

Sea Eagles play fighting in the skies above our heads

75 mile beach - the Islands main multi-lane highway!

Sitting atop Indian Head

Maheno wreck on the beach/highway

Dingo that was stalking us

Say what you see - prize to 1st in guest book

Nicky paddling Eli Creek on Fraser Island

Our big green 4x4 tour bus

Strangler Vine takes out a local

Nicky in the Rainforest of Fraser Is

Cameron getting to grips with the Fraser Island locals


Twin Otter

Crazy, Nutty, Mad, Insane, Loony Queensland native


Green Tree Snakeio

Give a dog a bone - oh bugger - it's a cat

I'm still a pussycat when it comes to getting my milk

Evil Edna (the Emu)

If food doesn't come to you, hop up to the food

Nicky feeding her new found friends

a Tough Life for some

Happy Nelly


In the Crocoseum - would you change places with this fella?

Cameron feeding a very hungry elephant

Nicky feeding the STILL very hungry Elephant

Cute Tiger cub out for a stroll

Croc still can't get through Nicky's thick skull

Lurking and Waiting - our introduction to Australia Zoo

Brisbane City-scape from the City Cat with Paddle Steamers

Brisbane as seen from Mt Coot Cha

South Bank artifical beach in Brisbane

Brum ATC in Oz