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Jimmy Hills Chin

Tongariki - the return visit - better light showing off far more detail

Anekena beach - swim with Maoi watching over you

Nicky hugs Moai

Cameron at Ahu Akivi on Easter Island

Dancing children at the Tapati festival on Easter Island

Cameron in a Lava Tunnel

sunlight makes a great shot

Big man little lady!!

Maoi at Rano Raroku Quarry

Cameron finds the water ´too cold´

Us at Tongariki

Nicky makes a splash

Maoi on beach at Anakena

Tornado! well ok it was a water spout (sea based version)

Cameron attempts to push over the huge statue

Maoi near and far away! note scary eyes of the far one

rock Petroglyphs on the island

Amazing lake in crater of Volcano Ranokau

Nicky about to get a soaking from a lovely rock swimming pool

Navel of the World - or so they say!

Ballet, Easter Island style

Cameron enjoys a sea view

no artificial colours or preservatives!!

Our first Maoi, by the village harbour

Maoi at the quarry where they were created..

Petroglyphs on rock by the beach!

15 Maoi at Tongariki, largest display on island

Moai at Tahai