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Billy Tea boiling in the rainforest

look closely - can you spot the croc?

very cute rescued Wallaby we got the chance to feed

Taste testing exotic fruits in the forest in the rain!!

Flying Fox bats on the Daintree River

There is supposed to be a stunning view behind him!!

Happy in the rain at Cape Tribulation

Nicky and Wally

Cameron relaxes aboard Avatar

Avatar, our trimaran with a seaplane and catamaran

7km of fine white sand - stunning

Cameron on Whitehaven beach

anyone got any dry clothes? totally soaked


What do you mean we look stupid!!

As many of the Avatar gang as could fit on the back deck

Happy swimmers

"Romance" stranded after the bad storms

Nicky and Kristy soak up some sunshine

Cameron and the Whitsundays

drying area on Avatar - except nothing ever did!!

stand up if you can!!

yes the sun did shine occasionally on the boat

Party time back on dry land

Us with Liz on the Avatar night out

The Tilt train on which we spent a total of 32 hours of our lives!!

little green parrotts on Cairns Esplanade

Don't we look good!!

Cameron wonders how to work this damm camera

lots of little fishes

Cameron and Wally

Where's Wally?

lightening quick little fishy

Nicky is hiding under all that mask and stuff

amazing colours and textures in the coral reef

Parrott fish

pretty black fish on some nice coral

stunning colours on this little beauty

Jelly fish looks lovely but stay away!

Big Black and ugly!!

Spot the nasty stingy jelly fish

Fantastic lily pad coral on the Great Barrier Reef

Cameron in the Goldala of the Kuranda Skyrail

Lovely butterfly having a break from fluttering about

Our best shot of the beautiful blue Ulyses butterflies

Look at the fantastic curled proboscus

Cameron attracts the ladies again

flutterby having a nice slurp of nectar

NOT as good as the Galapagos flycatcher and made a mess of the lens

Does that look like food down there to you?

some birds will do anything for food

Nicky and chums

Pretty polly

Who's a pretty boy then?

Ooooowwwww my ear!!!

Hmmm nice place for a nest i think

Bird world - the slightly terrifying Carrowary

Barren Falls in full flood

Long train round the bend!

Kuranda Scenic railway engine in its fancy livery