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Blue Footed Booby Mating Dance

The GAP Adventurer III

Galapagos Fly Catcher on Cameron's lens

Frigate Bird puffs up his pride

Hump Backed Whale cruising by

Sea Lion waving hello to our boat

Booby Diving for fish - ready for splashdown

Pelican in full flight

Evening dip off the boat

Sea Lions vs. Booby - can you guess who won?

Blue Footed Booby on the nest with it's clutch

Baby Frigate Bird - all fluffy and white


Galapagos penguins on guard

Marine Iguana colony on Lava Flow

Iguana with finch clearing parasites

Givuz a kiss


Classic Booby Shot

Land Iguana in the wild on Santiago Island

Crabs on Santa Cruz Island

Land Iguana at Charles Darwin Research Station


Turtles in Black Turtle Cove mangrove lagoon

Blue Footed Boobie cocktails

Last Night Group picture on GAP adventurer III

Ivan giving us our evening briefing

Sunset from the deck (and bananas)

Life Aboard GAP Adventurer III

Marine Iguana Party

Galapagos Penguin on Brown Beach

Vista from top of Bartelome Island

Volcano crater - one of 7 submerged around Bartolome Is.

Sunset from our boat

Cameron with Sea Lions and Marine Iguanas

Nicky on James Bay beach with new friend

Elegantly stepping down from the Zodiac on a Wet Landing

Rescuing Turtle marooned on Rocks at low tide

Cameron with Gianter Tortoise

Nicky with Giant Tortoise