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Delhi's huge Red Fort

Inside the Red Fort in Delhi

cycle rickshaw ride through delhi's back streets

Indias biggest Mosque - Jama Masjid

Raj Ghat, Cremation site of Matahma Ghandi

Humayans Tomb - the pre curser to the Taj Mahal

Cameron and the stunning tomb

The towering Qutub minar

Delhi's own L' Arc de Triumphe - India Gate

India - temples and sacred cows!!

Small children playing/fighting as we drove by!!

The one you've all been waiting for....

Nicky chills out at the Taj Mahal

Nicky caught this cool reflection in Camerons sun specs

He's not taking this seriously!

Its smaller than you think!!

Cameron and the pretty Fort gardens

Main building of the Agra Fort

Kings apartments at the Red Fort, Agra

Small boy plunges in to foul putrid water

Cameron outside one of the wives palaces

Nicky at the Red Fort in Agra

Look at me!!!!

The group at Agra's Red Fort

Small child, heavy pump!!

Monkey God statue

Rooftop dining at its finest at our Jaipur hotel

part of Jaipurs famous walled pink city

On Elephant back up to the Amber Fort

us with a fantastic gate behind

The cover shot of Lonely planet India!!

Look out below!! a room with a view

Stunning handiwork in the detail of the Fort

Inside a courtyard of the Fort

The Amber Fort from a distance

There is a palace, on a lake, in Jaipur! Why?

Cameron gets fitted up!!

Worlds biggest sundial, undergoing some renovation work!!

Guards at the Palace

Jaipurs Royal palace, still the residence of the local King

Monkeys at the Jaipur Palace

Street market in Jaipur

Snake charmer and his cobras puppets

Its a puppet!!

Chilling in the pool

Its just a jump to the left....

Camel kart

Driver, Busboy and our Guide

20 cycles, 20 men, several bags of grain - any more?

Corbett National Park

us by River in the Corbett National Park

Nicky and our safari jeep, not much protection afforded from the wild animals

sharing the roads!!

after a hard day i like to take the weight off my feet

Samba Deer, missing one antler

yes the sun shines out of our ......heads!!!

leopard pawprint

peek a boo

Closest we got to a Tiger

Jungle chicken

Spotted Deer camouflaging well

You looking at me?

jackal sits and watches us watching him

Monkey Business

herd of Blue Vill Antelope

bee catcher birds

Spotted deer taking a drink

The Ganges River

Steady now...

Cameron "enjoys" his facial

Beautiful Lotus Temple

Spot where Indira Ghandi was assassinated in her own garden